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Leaders of Light

Let The Community Speak

Post Pandemic Back To School Drive

Dubba-AA Day

The Lockhart District partnered with This is the Sound, LLC to meet the needs of our local community by helping to provide school supplies as children were able to re-enter schools.

Clothing Donation and Feeding

St. George Center Fashion Fair

The Lockhart LLC, partnered with St. George's Center to meet the needs of homeless citizens in the community. We donated food and clothes at our Fashion Fair to give hope to homeless individuals.

*Acts of service not pictured to maintain the integrity of homeless individuals.


Black Friday 

Local Business Promotion

The Lockhart District, LLC collaborated with minority local business owners to satisfy the need of reducing small business owners' disparities through promoting to shop local.

The District Box

Supporting frontline workers during the pandemic

The Lockhart District, LLC gave District boxes to Nurses and Teachers to satisfy the need of unprecedented pressures from the pandemic. The box included inspirational cards, T-Shirts, wristbands, a candle, sugar scrubs, and body butter to help soothe after a long day of servicing patients or students.


Born Real Meets The Runway

Lockhart District Featured in Born Real Blog

"We were literally shocked and so surprised when Alexis, from Lockhart District reached out to us with an invite to be featured in this years fashion fete. We accepted her offer ofc, without hesitation. Boy were we glad we did."

Anniversary Soiree Featured in Palm Beach Connects

"West Palm Beach, FL – The Lockhart District is announcing two brand new series of 2022 as well as the date and theme of their premier fashion experience at their Anniversary Soiree this Saturday, Feb. 12 from 6-8 PM at Grandview Public Marketplace. After their last major fashion experience in January 2021, the Lockhart District expanded its services to focus on community events and booking its models with major designers in Miami Swim Week. Now, they are streamlining these experiences to bring exposure to local designers and educate local aspiring models on how to succeed in the fashion industry."

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