The Lockhart District is a Modeling Agency that is dedicated to the empowerment of their surrounding communities. Through the influential avenues of fashion and community, we strive to give real people a chance to be represented in the fashion industry. We serve as a commonplace of exchange that celebrates all cultures and their contributions that have helped society progress into the powerhouse that it is today. Our values of mentorship, healthy eating and living, sustainable fashion and communal exercises enable us to be a light in the midst of darkness. We are a fervent believer in the village mentality and invest in all our surrounding villages to ensure that its citizens feel like family rather than neighbors.  We are the neighbor you’ve always wanted around and never want to leave. Efficient, Effective and Everlasting, the Lockhart District is here to stay.


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The purpose of the Lockhart District is to create a positive experience for every community. The Lockhart District has a passion for helping every citizen of society find their niche and have a place or organization to belong to. We believe that a community should be an addition to your family not just a location in which you live or a group of people that have similar qualities or beliefs.

 A community should be a place where you share your experiences with one another, help each other build and grow together. The Lockhart District strives to be instrumental in creating a lifestyle that nurtures and stimulates growth

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The Lockhart District possesses a global vision of interconnected societies sharing their cultures and practices for the benefit of all mankind. The LD community believes that with respect, an open mind and a genuine and caring heart coupled with hard work, dedication and consistency, the world will house a flourishing human race that celebrates the differences in others rather than tear them down because of it.
The LD company has the vision to be Implemented in every home whether it is through our products, services or even our goals and missions. The ultimate vision is to change the world to a more positive environment one person at a time.

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The Lockhart District’s mission is to enhance the lives of every single person in their surrounding community. Through the influential avenues of Fashion, Dining, Beauty and Giving Back, the LD will resonate with the hearts and minds of the people of the society and bridge gender, age, race and social class gaps which will build the village to be supportive of their neighbors.
Alexis has personally interviewed retail owners during her attendance at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) The Shows. She has also worked closely with couture fashion designers from Paris, France to Miami, Florida and being the business manager of her own modeling troupe, Alexis hopes to celebrate these cultural perspectives at The Lockhart Fashion District.
Working closely with the owner of Kemia’s Bakery, Lockhart Catering Business, and renown Gourmet Chef’s in the Bahamas, Alexis has seen the ins and outs of running a successful restaurant business.