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Casting Call:West Nam

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West Nam Characters 


Main Characters 

Crusher (brown skinny black man early 20s wild and Aggressive)

Pressure (slim black man mid 20s

Smart and laid-back) 


Characters with big roles/side

 Bang (short black man late 20s) 

Shot ( tall slim black man late 20s) 

J-Dog (mid 30s black)

Big world (fat black man late 20s) house

Lil Don (light skin black man mid 20s)

Vanessa (slim sexy skinny mid 20s)wears glasses

Vickie (short thick light skin)(Black lady mid 20s tattoos)

T-Boy (tall black man mid 30s wear a lot of jewelry)

Olivia (Puerto Rican early 30s)

image_6487327 (8).JPG

Model Placements

 Envies' Wear

image_6487327 (9).JPG

Deauna Parker

Tampa, FL

image_6487327 (11).JPG

Chelsea Woodson

West Palm Beach, FL

image_6487327 (10).JPG

Briana Nicole

Lake Worth, FL


Karen Camacho

Lake Worth, FL

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image_6487327 (14).JPG

Amanda Stephens

West Palm Beach, FL


Shannon Collins

Lake Worth, FL


Kaila Bell

Jupiter, FL


Catherin Pearson

West Palm Beach, FL

image_6487327 (13).JPG

Norman Bain

Riviera Beach, FL


Jermaine Haynes

West Palm Beach, FL

image_6487327 (12).JPG

Keith Alexander

Boynton, FL


Alphonse Etienne

Lake Worth, FL

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